On to Five

Please note this post was actually a Facebook post on September 3, 2015 on my Facebook business page.

Next week will mark three-years that has passed since enrolling in the Digital Photography Program at Lambton College. The blog attached is an overview of not how but why Kaoss Studios has grown over the last three years. The Digital Photography Program at Lambton College contributed to my growth.

Last year I quoted a one-time project that was awarded to another photographer. Yesterday I secured the same client that was unhappy with their photography. Being awarded the project was a result of education and dedication in my opinion.

Transparency is my attitude. I’ve made many mistakes along my journey. I’ve had unsatisfied clients. I’ve sacrificed personal time and relationships. I’m thankful for every single person who I’ve meet along the way and I’m thankful for those who believe in and support Kaoss Studios. Without education and your support I would not be approaching my fifth year.

Recently, many opportunities have been presenting themselves. This week I will be photographing the cover of a magazine. Last spring I submitted the image below to the Colleges and Institutes Canada Art Showcase. Surprisingly my art was selected to be showcased and is currently being displayed in Ottawa.

I created a digital art series called ‘Built in Shadows’ last year that has its’ own story. During my fifth year I will be building outside of those shadows and I would like you to join me Have an amazing day everyone. Build in Shadows and opportunity will present itself in whatever you do!

“creativity is built around anything we do and anywhere we choose to build it”


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Do you really love it?

From time to time I wonder if I really love photography. Photography can be mysterious, photography can be challenging and photography can be distant.

It has been awhile since speaking out loud to you. I am sorry for not taking the time to write to you. I am feeling resistance and therefore I’m finding my balance to understand you.

When you love something you should ‘go for it’ right? What if doubt overcomes ambition? What if what you dreamt completely different? I will pursue you don’t let me down.

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Written on March 10, 2014

In most careers do you look at the clock and think; wow it is only 1130pm, I can work more? I finished shooting a model that represents Elite Modeling out of Toronto, Ontario around 10pm. I was tired, I was inspired and I was ready to ‘plug forward’ onto the next project.

After every photo-shoot I gain a super charge of energy, along with confirmation that photography is my destiny. After every photo-shoot I like to tear down the studio, and put home my home back to normal rather than leaving it up too. The more I conduct photography when opportunities are present the more I put school on hold, which is somewhat in the wrong order. I guess I am getting the experience I need to move forward, but I am just not getting my projects completed.

While I was putting my computer desk back to its normal spot, and putting lights away after the photo shoot, Nothingman by Pearl Jam came on. Going through the motions to get my home back to a comfortable state and thinking about my next steps in photography I wondered about Yogi when I tuned into Nothingman. I found the lyrics interesting after the fact.

Memorized Yoda

During lunch that day we slurped our soup together (what was the name of our soup?).  Regardless if my soup was cold, your smile filled my bowl. Our conversation was as natural as snow melting. While putting away lights on March 10th I had a million thoughts; I wished for your company. As we stood side by side at the road after lunch, I refrained from wrapping my arms around you.

Prior to meeting you for soup I sat in my professors office asking for advice on how to handle photography opportunities that were presenting themselves. We even talked about you briefly. His recommendation was to focus on my projects at school; I was faced with a choice. Let school slide a bit and take the opportunities that were presenting themselves or focus on school? Time simply did not allow me to do both, so I chose to dive deep into the opportunities; knowing full-well things could be in jeopardy.

The thing that I like about you is that I do not have to dive in deep with you and I still feel that you are present. I’m knee deep in photography, but I just want you to know that you are near the top of my focus while wishing you were at the top.

KaossStudios-4380-2 copy

I know where my focus is; maybe your focus is elsewhere?

Pearl Jam – Nothingman

This song by Ben Howard – I Forget Where We Belong was played back to back with Nothingman.

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I wrote these last week….

Again, I should be working on a million college projects. One of our major projects in English is writing a blog. Another project requires us to promote ourselves; through many forms of social media, this blog just does that I hope. If you’ve read my past blogs, you’ll see I am working on grammar. So today I write to you too avoid college projects and with no grammar review at all.

The problem is that factual tasks take the back burner. Will required projects for other courses be on time? It really does not matter; because all of my focus is on photography and I sometimes like to write randomly.

College is not an easy task no matter what your program is; applying yourself in any program is challenging. The Digital Photography Program at Lambton prepares you for almost any situation. What it does not prepare you for is the sacrifice. In a competitive market you must already be realizing this, so if you do not then ask yourself  “are you are prepared to sacrifice your time?” Remember to make time for yourself and your loved ones, its’ important.


My Yogi,

I’m in the mood for writing, I am reluctant to share my thoughts with you completely; meh…I’ve got nothing to loose. I debate with the fact that I might chase you away with my transparency, I still find myself gravitating towards writing you. Besides, I’ve shared some of my true thoughts already and you haven’t run yet.

Our conversations are quick, fierce and fearless. Twice now I have left our conversations with positive energy and personal inspiration. Is your company self-fulfilling? I’ve questioned that to the core and I keep defaulting to no, its natural.

As you know I blocked myself from distractions for three years. I recently explored a way to open my door to make time for my loved ones prior to meeting you; photography was consuming my soul. I was unaware that opening those doors would open unknown doors, with you being one of them.

During coffee that day I was not preoccupied, the engagement was memorable and left me craving more. During breakfast that day I was memorized; the remainder of my day was full of motivation. Self-fulfilling? Again, I default to no.

You mentioned something over breakfast that I asked you to repeat three times. I was memorized with your beautiful features; the sounds around us were enhanced; which faded your voice. After coffee I left with millions of questions about you. I guess that is why I discredit self-fulfilling.

You admitted that you forget to take food photography pictures; I have plenty in my memory bank if you need them. Whatever path is being painted I enjoy your company regardless of its destiny. At the end of the day I’m glad I met you.

Yoda xo

Lambton Jeff

Laundry Week

A week off at College was refreshing this past week. I hardly settled from working on tasks while I was off, but I did take some time to myself.  I have to cut this blog short, but as a result of taking a break I was able to:

  • find inspiration
  • make new connections, both business and personally
  • work on promotional material for OB1 Pierogi
  • dream of many blog topics
  • attempt to make time for friends and family *ongoing task
  • gain new business direction and ideas for photo shoots
  • get caught up on work
  • record behind the scenes video for an upcoming promo video

This week and every week will be another laundry week; the same as the last one, but without the week break from College.

Here is my new You Tube Channel which has no content at the moment.

KaossStudios-3940 copy

KaossStudios-3908 copy

Lambton Jeff


Candlelight Blog

This post was supposed to be completed near the middle of last week, but it had no importance last week. Originally I was too quickly blog about joining Pinterest for my Web Fundamentals course and share it with the world (does anyone actually follow me? lol).

I completed quite a few photo shoots this week and put off a few college projects too. After three hours of shooting last night, I freshened up with a shower to wake up and began to tackle my artist statement. The artist statement is for an upcoming exhibit, which I will be hosting and includes two digital art series I have been working on. I will let you know when the exhibit is; I hope to see you there.

Near the end of my typed draft my heart dropped. How could I forget to save my work? Do you know the spinning dial that tells you that your computer is thinking? Well it appeared; I panicky hit command S and file>save as simultaneously. I prayed for the documents safety, not to mention my sanity.

I never rewrote it. I honestly think I couldn’t have re written it again, it’s the first time I have been able to physically record and understand my photography in an esoteric sort of way.

Just after writing it; I noticed the candle sitting on window mantle in my kitchen. I lit the candle just in time for Valentines Day; it has been a long time since I enjoyed the flicker of candlelight or the gradient glow. I sensed warmth, content and a rush of accomplishment raged through my body. The downfall is that creativity struck gold again; at two in the morning.

Instead of working on a project that is due tomorrow morning, I was inspired to procrastinate something that is more important, and work on this post instead. These two songs randomly played back to back on my playlist; I’ll admit I replayed them a few times. I might have look deeper into why I tuned into these two particular songs, might be an interesting self-analogy blog topic.

Dancing in The Moonlight – Smashing Pumpkins version

Medicine Shows – Wool on Wolves

I never lit the candle because of Valentines Day, but I did have a candlelight dinner by myself.  A glass of wine would have been a nice addition to dinner, but I sufficed to H20. H20 is relevant, because I quit drinking diet coke almost two weeks ago.

By the way I am on Pinterest

Lambton Jeff


KaossStudios-8752FNLR2 copy

KaossStudios-8767FNLR2 copy